Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Chief Honeybee giveaway!!!

Yep another one this time its a really cute black suede sutdded head band. The head band is from Christina's etsy so go look at all the super cute things she has up for sale. You can get the details for the giveaway over at Little Chief Honeybee's blog!

Today I haven't really done much. I made Fajitas for lunch. They were delicious. When dinner came around I made broccoli cheese soup and ate it with some of the bread that I got from bread and soup night also amazing...well maybe not quite amazing but really really good!! I am an AWESOME cook if I do say so myself!  =) Other then that we have just been trying to get the plane tickets ready for archer. He is doing a study abroad in May and we needed to get the flights all organized so he would be arriving when he was supposed to. On the way back he might have to stay in the airport over night but i'm sure it will be fine.

We are also planning on going to Carson City NV  for spring break which is this weekend to visit his parents (they are staying there a lot, for his dads work). That should be really fun I think we are going to go snow boarding and do fun tourist-y things while we are there. So we have been also trying to get a rental car set up with his mom so we can drive there. I think his mom said that it is about a nine hour drive...not looking forward to that but I'm pretty sure that it will be just us (archer and I) in the car. We are going to drop the dog and ferret off at my parents on the way there...I still need to ask them if that would be okay. I'm sure they wont mind. My dad loves animals!!  Hopefully toward the end of spring break on the way back home we will get to spend a few days with my parents also!! They both kept telling me "We wish Archer would have come up with you we miss him!!" and "When are you guys coming up next...make sure next time Archer comes" haha! My parents love my husband!!! That's probably a really good thing though!! Cause it sure wouldn't be as much fun going home if they didn't!!

When is your spring break and what are you planning on doing if anything? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry it's been forever!! Here's an update on what i've been doing!

When I got to my parents house I found out that they had gotten rid of the internet. There went the idea of blogging while I was there.  Oh well I will just have to catch up in one big post. Hopefully I can remember everything or most of what I did.


When I got to Payson I stopped at Walmart to look for something I was supposed to get for my sister in-law. They didn't have it. I texted my friend Branden who use to work there and said "oh how I love the sights and sounds of Payson Walmart" the response I got was "WHAT!"  (Pretty much no one knew I was going to visit!) We texted back and forth a few times then then I get a text that says "Daniel says you better come visit us or he's going to kick you in the vag."  haha lame I know I still love him though!! Well anyway after I got to my parents I unpacked my stuff let my Mom know that I had made it safely and headed to Brandens. When I got there the three of us pretty much just sat around at talked like old times....kind of! It was fun I miss those boys!! After that I went home and went to bed!!


When I woke up (around nine or ten...not sure) got ready and went to Costco with my Mom, Dad, and brother. I love that place! My Dad bought us food before we did some shopping. I called my sister Cori and she met us at there to hang out for a little before her next class started. Cori asked if I wanted to go with her because she was going to a friends house to make cake pops after her class. I thought that sounded fun her friends are so cute! Since I want to make my own (hello kitty cake pops) I figured I could learn how to do it! When we were leaving Costco I went with Cori to her class and then to her friend Candis' house! After another friend Amelia got there we had a few drinks (grape vodka and soda yum) some homemade apple crisp with homemade whipped cream that Candis had made for us. SO GOOD!! Then got to making the cake pops. That took a lot longer then I had expected!! After they were all finished Cori and I headed home and went to bed!


Got up and got ready. Then went to a Chinese buffet with my parents. I ate so much food!! It was good I love Chinese and haven't had it for quite a long time! Then we went to Harbor that hardware store they ALWAYS have awesome sales!! I wish they had one here in cedar!! I could walk through those isles for hours...well I think we did. We were there for at least one haha. After that we went to the dollar movies (which is really a $1.50) and saw The Dilemma. It was pretty funny!! We then stopped by my Cori's so I could give her the oven mitt and hot pads and pick up something that she had planned on sending to me but never did and now didn't need to (I was in town). On the way home we stopped at Walmart in Springville to see if they had what I needed to get for my sister in-law. They did YES!! Don't need to worry about that any more. After that we went home and hung out there till going to bed.


My parents went to church and I caught up on some sleep! I only got out of bed because I heard my sister Chrystal come in with the baby (Jack) he is so cute!! Not really a baby anymore though, he is a year and a half. Chrystal had me model some really cute dress that she is planning to put on KSL Classifieds. Wish she would just let me have them but she needs money. She thinks they will sale better if they are being shown on a person rather then laying out on the bed. I think Dad skipped some of church cause he was home for all that. (Little side note if you ask Jack how to get a horse come to you he clicks his tongue so cute!!) Dad and I took Jack out to the field to see the horses which he LOVED! He got to pet them and got to sit on them with Dad or Me holding onto him so nothing could happen. When we went back inside Mom was home from church, and had started on making the enchiladas for dinner. Cori and Ryan came over and we all ate shortly after three. After eating we hung out talked and played with Jack. Dad showed Jack the dove that he adopted after finding it with a broken wing. He is going to let it go in the spring if it's wing gets better and it can fly again. My dad is such an animal lover!! That's where I get it from!! Jack kept going to the door and clicking his tongue haha he wanted to go see the horses again. So Cori took him out to see them before her and Ryan left. When Chrystal and Jack came back in Jack got a diaper change ate some food and and was out like a rock. (he wouldn't nap earlier when Chrystal tried to get him to) She said he slept the whole night until 8 the next morning. Mom went to work and Dad and I watched TV and then he helped me pack some thing I was tacking back to Cedar. Then watched more TV. When we got snacky Dad heated up some shrimp (a whole plate full just for us!) and made pot stickers it was so good!! Mom got home right as the pot stickers were done cooking but didn't want any. She got ready for bed. Dad and I ate our food watched a little more tv and went to bed our selves. (I had planned on leaving today but the weather was suppesed yo be kind of bad and I didn't want to risk it)


On Monday I slept till noon. Then got up packed the rest of my things and headed for home. YAY I missed my hubby!! I got back a little after three. Then Stacha Archer and I went to Ihop. After that Stacha and I were going to go to bread and soup night but were a little to late so the lady said we could just take some of the left over bread if we wanted! We took her up on that for sure the bread they have there is so good! I like food if you couldn't tell...every time I have talked about food in this post which has been A LOT I said it was so good!! haha! Well after that we went to Walmart got get out grocery's then came home and watched The Little Mermaid. I took it and a few other movies from my parents house. After it was over Stacha went up stairs and I gave Archer a massage. He was really sore from helping his Dad and Uncle get the garden ready (He had gone to his parents for a few days when I was at mine haha). Then we went to bed.


When I got up I took Archer to class and came home and did the dished that I probably should have done before I went to my parents. Oh well they are done now. After doing the dished I was pretty gross myself so I hopped in the shower. When I got out Archer and I made some french toast. I love breakfast any time of day! We finished eating He took a nap and I caught up on facebook. I hadn't been on the computer since I left. I got hungry so I made myself something to eat. When he woke up 6 hours later (he didn't sleep very well last night) I made him some hamburgers. Then Stacha came down to watch Glee. Loved it!! I was laughing so hard through most of this episode. When I was over Stacha went up stairs Archer got on his computer game and  I watcher a few other shows and then decided that I REALLY needed to catch up the blog so here we are now. That's pretty much all I've been up to these last few days! Hope you all had a rocking weekend I know I did!!

Did any of you do anything special this weekend?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Headed to my Parents tonight

A 3 hour drive all by myself...this is going to be fun. NOT! This is going to be the most borring and short post for now cause I have to get ready to leave. Hopefully I will remember to get back on and post more when I get to their house!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yummy Dinner

Sometime during the day I thought chicken cordon bleu sounded really good. So when Archer said whats for diner I decided that I was going to make it. Only I didn't have swish cheese or ham. Hmm...I decided that kraft cheese slices would work and instead of ham I used deli style turkey slices. Yum it was good!! I was going to talk a picture but it looked so good I just starting eating it!! Then something ever better happened...Stacha brought us home ice cream!!! Yay for dessert!!

Earlier today I started working on a project that I have wanted to do since...probably last summer when I bought the peg board. Archer and I cut the peg board into different size squares way back then. So really all I have needed to do is spray paint the squares. Easy right? Well it would have been but I procrastinate things A LOT. I got some of the squares spray painted today. I am painting them black cause I just don't really like white. I am going to make them into jewelry holders. I have a bit of fun accessories but no where to put them. My sister Cori came up with this idea and I really like it so I am totally copping her. Pretty much you just gt peg board pegs and then hang you rings necklaces and whatever else from the pegs. Super cute and a good way to keep it all organized.

This isn't the actually way I am going to hang them but it works for now.

Bracelets and head bands. 
(these bracelets are kind of thick so they don't really fit in the pegs
that I have but I'm sure you could find some that would work.)

Here we have some rings and necklaces. 
Don't you just think they would look so much better black??
I do! I will probably paint these ones tomorrow!! (If I don't put it off haha)

Yesterday we took some funny pictures of our fatty fat dog clover!! Haha she is so cute!! Here those are just for fun! 

Look at her foot she is so WEIRD...

 She sits with her feet like this ALL THE TIME!!
And she switches which foot is the funny one.

Haha 3D glasses do come in handy somewhere other than the movies.

Look at that glare I don't think she liked this to much!

Butt face literally.

You cant really see it in any of these pictures but she has little doggy love handles and when she is standing up (like in the last picture) they look like eyebrows above the 3D glasses!! Its so so so funny in real life!! Haha I think she hated us for a while after this! Oh well she loved us again today!  =)

Do you have any pets? If so what silly things have you done with them?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The girl Kaelhah (little chief honeybee) who inspired me to start blogging is having a giveaway on her blog!! She is so much fun. I love her and it's an AWESOME  giveaway so go check it out!!! Little Chief Honeybee giveaway

Monday, February 28, 2011

Well then dont ask for my advice!

So pretty much I ALWAYS drop everything and am really clumsy most of the time!! Yesterday a friend of my sister in-law's came over and shoveled our sidewalks and the driveway for no other reason then just to be nice. I told him thank you but thought it would also be nice to make cookies or something to give to him. I figured no bake cookies are fast, easy, and good so why not those? Well as I was gathering the ingredients I reached for the COCO its kept in the high cupboard. Apparently I didnt have a very good grip on it. It fell and COCO went every where 

Don't mind the dirty dishes. I need to wash them.

 Yep it even went on the wall.

At least the cookies are good!!! As you can see I already ate some.

That's pretty much all I have done today. My toe feels a lot better I took a picture of it again today so you could see the little mark the toothpick made but you still cant see it very much...oh well I'll put the picture up anyway. 

Wow you really cant see it very well.

So...that was my day. What did you guys do today and what was the last clumsy thing you did?

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Me talking in this is really loud so you might want to turn it down before watching. It is Clover and I playing in the snow!! Well I'm not actually in it I was just holding the camera running after her in the snow. It was fun she loves the snow so so so much!!! That video is from last night we played a little more today but not very much.

I wanted to play Mariokart today so archer set it up for me. Later after I was done playing Stacha came down and played a few different 64 games with archer. I was watching DIY videos on youtube. After I was finished watching the youtube things we all played Marioksrt together. Archer decided to be a MEGA always and set up the DVR to record us playing Mariokart oh my gosh so funny!! We were screaming and getting so excited that we were sweating...well I was anyway!!! We played every race! Archer a.k.a. Bowser won first, Stacha a.k.a Yoshi took second, and I a.k.a. Peach was last.   =(   Then we watched some of them  since they were recorded and all... Archer said he was going to record it every time we played. This one is called Mariokart season 1. You seriously have no idea how much fun it was!! We need to get one more person and play much more often!!! I forgot how much fun those older games are!!! Next time we want to somehow set up a camera so you can see our faces and hear our screams!! hahahahaha   SO SO SO much fun!!!!! Right now archer is being all computer smart and getting it ready so that I can put the video on my blog. It's probably pretty long because we did play all 16 races so I might only be able to put some of it up...I honestly don't know we'll see when he is finished.

Well darn! It turns out that the Mariokart video wont work. Archer says next time we will have to record it in chapters or something. So that it's not just one massive video. Oh well...I'll just have to put a video up of the next time.

What have you done lately that ended up being way more fun than you expected?