Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yummy Dinner

Sometime during the day I thought chicken cordon bleu sounded really good. So when Archer said whats for diner I decided that I was going to make it. Only I didn't have swish cheese or ham. Hmm...I decided that kraft cheese slices would work and instead of ham I used deli style turkey slices. Yum it was good!! I was going to talk a picture but it looked so good I just starting eating it!! Then something ever better happened...Stacha brought us home ice cream!!! Yay for dessert!!

Earlier today I started working on a project that I have wanted to do since...probably last summer when I bought the peg board. Archer and I cut the peg board into different size squares way back then. So really all I have needed to do is spray paint the squares. Easy right? Well it would have been but I procrastinate things A LOT. I got some of the squares spray painted today. I am painting them black cause I just don't really like white. I am going to make them into jewelry holders. I have a bit of fun accessories but no where to put them. My sister Cori came up with this idea and I really like it so I am totally copping her. Pretty much you just gt peg board pegs and then hang you rings necklaces and whatever else from the pegs. Super cute and a good way to keep it all organized.

This isn't the actually way I am going to hang them but it works for now.

Bracelets and head bands. 
(these bracelets are kind of thick so they don't really fit in the pegs
that I have but I'm sure you could find some that would work.)

Here we have some rings and necklaces. 
Don't you just think they would look so much better black??
I do! I will probably paint these ones tomorrow!! (If I don't put it off haha)

Yesterday we took some funny pictures of our fatty fat dog clover!! Haha she is so cute!! Here those are just for fun! 

Look at her foot she is so WEIRD...

 She sits with her feet like this ALL THE TIME!!
And she switches which foot is the funny one.

Haha 3D glasses do come in handy somewhere other than the movies.

Look at that glare I don't think she liked this to much!

Butt face literally.

You cant really see it in any of these pictures but she has little doggy love handles and when she is standing up (like in the last picture) they look like eyebrows above the 3D glasses!! Its so so so funny in real life!! Haha I think she hated us for a while after this! Oh well she loved us again today!  =)

Do you have any pets? If so what silly things have you done with them?

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