Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Chief Honeybee giveaway!!!

Yep another one this time its a really cute black suede sutdded head band. The head band is from Christina's etsy so go look at all the super cute things she has up for sale. You can get the details for the giveaway over at Little Chief Honeybee's blog!

Today I haven't really done much. I made Fajitas for lunch. They were delicious. When dinner came around I made broccoli cheese soup and ate it with some of the bread that I got from bread and soup night also amazing...well maybe not quite amazing but really really good!! I am an AWESOME cook if I do say so myself!  =) Other then that we have just been trying to get the plane tickets ready for archer. He is doing a study abroad in May and we needed to get the flights all organized so he would be arriving when he was supposed to. On the way back he might have to stay in the airport over night but i'm sure it will be fine.

We are also planning on going to Carson City NV  for spring break which is this weekend to visit his parents (they are staying there a lot, for his dads work). That should be really fun I think we are going to go snow boarding and do fun tourist-y things while we are there. So we have been also trying to get a rental car set up with his mom so we can drive there. I think his mom said that it is about a nine hour drive...not looking forward to that but I'm pretty sure that it will be just us (archer and I) in the car. We are going to drop the dog and ferret off at my parents on the way there...I still need to ask them if that would be okay. I'm sure they wont mind. My dad loves animals!!  Hopefully toward the end of spring break on the way back home we will get to spend a few days with my parents also!! They both kept telling me "We wish Archer would have come up with you we miss him!!" and "When are you guys coming up next...make sure next time Archer comes" haha! My parents love my husband!!! That's probably a really good thing though!! Cause it sure wouldn't be as much fun going home if they didn't!!

When is your spring break and what are you planning on doing if anything? 

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