Monday, February 28, 2011

Well then dont ask for my advice!

So pretty much I ALWAYS drop everything and am really clumsy most of the time!! Yesterday a friend of my sister in-law's came over and shoveled our sidewalks and the driveway for no other reason then just to be nice. I told him thank you but thought it would also be nice to make cookies or something to give to him. I figured no bake cookies are fast, easy, and good so why not those? Well as I was gathering the ingredients I reached for the COCO its kept in the high cupboard. Apparently I didnt have a very good grip on it. It fell and COCO went every where 

Don't mind the dirty dishes. I need to wash them.

 Yep it even went on the wall.

At least the cookies are good!!! As you can see I already ate some.

That's pretty much all I have done today. My toe feels a lot better I took a picture of it again today so you could see the little mark the toothpick made but you still cant see it very much...oh well I'll put the picture up anyway. 

Wow you really cant see it very well.

So...that was my day. What did you guys do today and what was the last clumsy thing you did?

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