Sunday, February 27, 2011


Me talking in this is really loud so you might want to turn it down before watching. It is Clover and I playing in the snow!! Well I'm not actually in it I was just holding the camera running after her in the snow. It was fun she loves the snow so so so much!!! That video is from last night we played a little more today but not very much.

I wanted to play Mariokart today so archer set it up for me. Later after I was done playing Stacha came down and played a few different 64 games with archer. I was watching DIY videos on youtube. After I was finished watching the youtube things we all played Marioksrt together. Archer decided to be a MEGA always and set up the DVR to record us playing Mariokart oh my gosh so funny!! We were screaming and getting so excited that we were sweating...well I was anyway!!! We played every race! Archer a.k.a. Bowser won first, Stacha a.k.a Yoshi took second, and I a.k.a. Peach was last.   =(   Then we watched some of them  since they were recorded and all... Archer said he was going to record it every time we played. This one is called Mariokart season 1. You seriously have no idea how much fun it was!! We need to get one more person and play much more often!!! I forgot how much fun those older games are!!! Next time we want to somehow set up a camera so you can see our faces and hear our screams!! hahahahaha   SO SO SO much fun!!!!! Right now archer is being all computer smart and getting it ready so that I can put the video on my blog. It's probably pretty long because we did play all 16 races so I might only be able to put some of it up...I honestly don't know we'll see when he is finished.

Well darn! It turns out that the Mariokart video wont work. Archer says next time we will have to record it in chapters or something. So that it's not just one massive video. Oh well...I'll just have to put a video up of the next time.

What have you done lately that ended up being way more fun than you expected?

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